Hard Burn for a Bullet

Shadows over Oxbow

First meetings, massive beatings and victory through nonviolence.

Something was strange about this job from the beginning and from the moment the Ransom’s crew set foot on The Wheel things started to go wrong. Beginning with the suspicious absence of their employer and escalating from there as the crew found themselves pushed into the middle of a heated labor dispute.

The crew met some major players including the mayor, the sheriff and Jenk, the self-proclaimed leader of the miners. They also brought on some new talent in a dusty monk and down-on-his-luck soldier. They’ve also found themselves in the company of a registered companion whose mission briefly aligned with theirs.

After a messy bar fight and an unsuccessful trip to investigate the town’s “hotel,” the crew was nearly ambushed by a team of mercenaries who had infiltrated the town to go after Octal’s president. The men turned out to have been hired by Octal rival, Blue Sun Inc. It appears that Blue Sun is somehow linked to the Labor problems.

Unfortunately, the crew didn’t have time to investigate that link; upon returning to the Ship, they met Commander Fong, an alliance officer with a love for law and order. He appears to be investigating Octal but has also set his sights on Captain Krieg and his unusual crew.

As if things weren’t bad enough, after returning to Shiverton the crew found themselves in the middle of a massive Reaver raid. They made it back to their ship but they’ve been joined by 4 reavers who plan to make their escape from Oxbow a little bumpy.


Trueman Trueman

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