Octal Technologies


Octal Technologies, Inc. is a Multi planetary corporation headquartered on the core world of Persephone, that designs, manufactures, and sells a variety of goods. Although the HQ is located on Persephone, several high profile leaders are currently operating on the station’s orbital research station The Wheel, in orbit over the dwarf planet of Oxbow.

Although they currently focus on industrial machinery, consumer electronics and software, the company was at one time a major player in government contract bidding and pharmaceuticals.

The company has withdrawn from most bidding after losing several high profile contracts to Blue Sun.

Octal Technologies has ranked in the top 50 best companies to work for in Hubward 500 Magazines annual feature.

Octal Technologies was founded by the eccentric billionaire Isosceles Jones more than 20 years ago years ago with the release of her now ubiquitous “Octopus” suite of industrial design software. She has served as the companies president and majority shareholder ever since, overseeing a rapid expansion and numerous corporate takeovers.

Octal Technologies

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