Gurthram "Jenk" Jenkins

Jenk is a mean, ugly and brutish miner who fancies himself a leader among the miners


Jenk has been with Octal for quite some time and has been given a nominal Foreman position due to his seniority and tendency to rile up the miners when he’s displeased. He considers himself the leader of the miners although only a small group of somewhat unsavory workers actually follow him.

Jenk has been beaten out in the last three union elections but blames it on politics and Octal interference. Despite his flaws, he is loyal to the union and will defend his fellow miners to the end; of course, his idea of defense may seem like bullying and hooliganism to others.

Part of Jenk’s anger issues may stem from his service in the Independent army during the Unification war. Like Judah he doesn’t talk about his service but he rarely picks a fight with those who served in the brown-coats and those who didn’t, they don’t work on his teams for long.


Gurthram "Jenk" Jenkins

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