• Hua Tou

    Hua Tou

    a Chán Buddhist monk living secludedly on the outskirts of Shiverton
  • Isosceles Jones

    Isosceles Jones

    Eccentric Billionaire, genius, president and founder of Octal Technologies.
  • Jack O'Brien

    Jack O'Brien

    The pilot and mechanic of The Ransom; Jack and the captain go way back. He may be only person that the captain fully trusts.
  • Commander Fong

    Commander Fong

    A straight laced Alliance Officer, Commander Fong is an investigator for the Alliance Trade Commission
  • Demarcus Keller

    Demarcus Keller

    Quick Witted and slickly dressed, the Octal Tech Board sent Demarcus to "Assist" Isosceles shortly after she took oversight of Oxbow Operations.
  • Gurthram "Jenk" Jenkins

    Gurthram "Jenk" Jenkins

    Jenk is a mean, ugly and brutish miner who fancies himself a leader among the miners
  • Jebediah Krieg

    Jebediah Krieg

    An Alliance war hero; Captain Krieg captains the light freighter The Ransom. Using his good name and considerable influence, Krieg is able to take jobs that other crews would never touch.
  • Judah Maccabee

    Judah Maccabee

    Despite his massive size and thick muscles, Judah's face projects kindness. As leader of the Oxbow Miner's union, the workers follow him almost without question.
  • Mayor Hobart Kent

    Mayor Hobart Kent

    Shiverton's figurehead mayor who takes every opportunity to remind people that he is, in fact, the representative of the people.
  • Sheriff Jonatus "Jon" Bartlett

    Sheriff Jonatus "Jon" Bartlett

    A dusty old veteran, Sheriff Bartlett simultaneously conveys great strength and a great weariness.
  • Tarragon "Dirk" Carter

    Tarragon "Dirk" Carter

    Medic aboard the Ransom. Amputated his own leg to escape a reaver attack. Keeps a poisoned dirk and medkit in his prosthetic leg.
  • The Ransom

    The Ransom

    A heavily modified Knorr class light-transport