Hard Burn for a Bullet

Session 1 Awards

*Doc Tarragon found himself on the receiving end of a massive beatdown but somehow, continued to get up… so that the miners wouldn’t run out of things to punch.

*Quick thinking by the companion allowed her to supercharge the bar’s soda gun. Apparently what this fight really needed was a wet t-shirt contest.

*Points to our man of peace, Hua-Toa for attempting to stop a bar fight by speaking calmly into a karaoke mic.

*In an RPG most people feel obligated to participate in the fights that occasionally happen. Points to our man drake for walking in, seeing a bar fight and turning right back around.

*Jack tried his best to defuse that bomb and that’s what really counts right? No, no it’s not, if that had been a real bomb everyone would be dead.

*Jack O’brian is a clearly a man with something to hide but that didn’t stop him from talking shit to an alliance investigator, to his face. That’s okay, I’m sure we won’t see him again.

*Our Tech Savvy Companion had quite a night, opening up a can of critical thinking to refine Hua’s “please stop fighting” microphone approach into a “make their ears bleed with feedback” approach. (props to John for the idea)

*An amazing hacking effort allowed the companion to not only detect the ambush on the Ransom but space them, keep them from escaping and, subsequently backtrack their fake identities all the way back to who hired them.

*Points to the doc for whipping up a truth serum on the spot in his medbay, turning hardened, mercenaries into chatty Cathies and preventing the need for Captain Krieg to employ his “Hera Hoedown” we’ll save that Vaseline for next time.


Trueman Trueman

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