Hard Burn for a Bullet


The Ransom is a small ship with a small crew, nevertheless she and her Captain, Jeb Krieg have earned a reputation for getting things where they need to go. Whether it’s a precious artifact from Earth that was or a mysterious operative hoping to make an unnoticed arrival. She’s scouted pirate bases and tracked down her fair share of bounties; even pulled a large quantity of illegal goods right through Alliance core security.

Today, The Ransom has come to a Dwarf planet on the far Rim by the name of Oxbow. The small world is owned by Octal Technologies who mines rare earth minerals there and has established a research station in orbit where they can pursue their science far from prying eyes and Alliance interference.

Octal’s president, the eccentric billionaire Isosceles Jones, has taken over direct oversight of the entire Oxbow opperation. Facing a hostile board of directors, Iso has turned to an outsider, Captain Krieg, to act as transportation, security and support as she investigates suspicious events which have undermined her operations on Oxbow.

As the adventure begins, The crew are escorting Iso to the mining town of Shiverton for a labor negotiation. Vicious rumors and suspicious accidents have created severe unrest among the miners.


Trueman Trueman

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